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Addressing Nursing Shortages in the United States


One of the leading reasons for nursing shortages in the US is burnout. During the onset of COVID-19, many nurses left their profession because of the burden they bore. Burnout is prevalent in this fast-paced, overwhelming industry.
Aside from this, the healthcare system is swelling. The population is growing while baby boomers crowd the overburdened system. Gender roles also play a part in the cause of the shortage, as nursing is still a female-dominated profession.
To help solve the nursing shortage in our country, here’s what we need to do:

  • Reorganize the education system to supply enough graduates and build a strong nursing workforce to meet the challenging demands of the healthcare industry.
  • Establish entities that can monitor the shortages and advise policymakers and employers to address the conditions that affect nurse retention in the workplace.
  • Encourage more men to pursue nursing careers and introduce the benefits of being a nurse. Educate the public on the different career paths of becoming a nurse.

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