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The Critical Role of Phlebotomy Technicians


The diagnosis of diseases starts with the help of laboratory procedures and exams. These procedures need samples like urine, saliva, and most especially blood. Blood is a liquid specimen used to diagnose various diseases in the body. The professional responsible for collecting blood samples is called a phlebotomy technician. Phlebotomy technicians collect blood samples and inform the patients about the procedure.

The role of phlebotomy technicians is as important as a medical assistant in Alabama. While they may have different job descriptions, they sure provide medical services to patients to deliver the appropriate care possible.

While a certified phlebotomy technician draws blood samples and provides patient care during the procedure, they will handle the samples appropriately so they will still be in perfect condition for testing. These samples will be critical to formulating a diagnosis of certain illnesses based on the test results and abnormalities found in blood samples.

While phlebotomy technicians are critical in helping with diagnosis formulation, the pay is great too. If you are interested in phlebotomy, collecting blood samples, and preparing them for testing, you may learn about those with healthcare training in Pelham, Alabama.

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