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Training to Save Individuals Cardiovascular Diseases


Cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke: these three cardiovascular diseases are among the most terrifying. Our weariness for these three developments and sudden attacks led us to learn their signs and symptoms and how to respond to them. And we mean everyone from medical professionals like a Certified Nursing Assistant to non-medically trained individuals like teachers and mall staff.

Different institutions offer training programs to teach the symptoms of the three and the treatment or response you must do. Here are the symptoms for each:

  • For Cardiac Arrest, the following are the most apparent sign that someone is having cardiac arrest: person collapse, is unconscious, has no pulse, and isn’t breathing.
  • For Heart Attack, the individual will experience the following: discomfort or pain in the chest, feeling faint and lightheaded, pain in the back, jaw, or neck, pain in the arms or shoulder, and shortness of breath.
  • Stroke victims will feel the stroke attack by sudden numbness, confusion, speech difficulty, sight troubles, and severe headache.

But whether one is the other or what, the best response when you see signs of any of these diseases is to rush them immediately to the hospital. Giving proper Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is also advised while on the way there. And do constantly check for pulse and breathing. That’s the advice of a medical assistant in Alabama gives while on the phone for cardiovascular disease emergencies.

Help save more lives from cardiac arrest, heart attack, and stroke, and get your healthcare training in Pelham, Alabama, here at CAREER HEALTH SERVICES ACADEMY LLC.

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